“The cardiology department surgeons might have moved their patients to another hospital if we didn’t resolve the power quality problems that caused distortions in the imaging systems. The Gerry Thomas Co. researched, tested and recommended the solution that ultimately resolved the problem.”

“I will admit I had issues accepting your diagnosis of the problems but you were right on the mark.”

“While I realize that letters of recommendation can appear contrived, I write them rarely and earnestly. I hold Mr. Thomas in the highest regard and consider him to be our most knowledgeable resource in the area of power distribution and high-voltage equipment.”

“In addition to his unparalleled field experience, Mr. Thomas’ work ethic and discipline make him a most effective resource. His expertise, complimented by his honest, straight-forward demeanor, immediately instills confidence. “

“Gerry has filled a void in our market for an equipment resource that goes far beyond rudimentary understanding of electrical systems.”

“The Gerry Thomas Company has my highest recommendation, and I ask that you consider Gerry very seriously.”

“Gerry, has been a unique source of knowledge for all things relating to power quality, including measuring, analyzing data and report generation to specifying PQ solutions. His long involvement in the industry has given him an intuitive perspective on PQ issues affecting businesses. We consider him our “Go to Guy” when it comes to power quality!”

“The Gerry Thomas Co. has helped us through some very difficult situations over the years when our usual resources couldn’t. I can always fall back on Gerry”

“Gerry supplies all of our high voltage splice kits and terminations because we know we will have what we need to complete the job. This is especially important in an outage situation when we don’t have time to go looking for missing parts”

“Gerry Thomas would be an asset for any company who is focused on maximizing all customer experiences with their company and products. His relationships in Ohio are second to none.”

“He is effective because of his relationships and skills, but more importantly he works hard for a client. He is very hands on in the field, and invest himself wholly into making your efforts a success because he is invested so much in helping his customers”

“We had to convert some Canadian automatic transfer switches to 480V. Gerry came to the site, reviewed the switches and provided the needed parts and instruction. It worked perfectly, first time, no hassles! You can’t find that kind of experience and know-how from most vendors.”

“Everyone that went through Gerry’s Cable splicing training and certification program was completely happy and felt they had learned very valuable practices.”

“Our 2500A main circuit breaker was tripping for no apparent reason. Gerry made two visits and solved the problem. This saved over $25,000 from replacing the CB.”

“Our three generators all shut down at the same time. We transferred to utility power and their high voltage fuses blew out. GTCo. Diagnosed the problem through metering the capacitive coupling in the system. We are now back to normal and have no issues since then.”

“We were losing too many motors on our conveyors and our usual electric contractor could find no problems. Gerry Thomas Co. made one visit and determined that the problem was with the utility, upstream from our transformers. Within 3 weeks, the utility metering exploded. We have not had any motor failures for more than 18 months now!”

“In the 40 story high rise that I manage, Gerry was instrumental in our 5 year restacking project. He performed diagnostics and analysis that confirmed our actual loads and allowed us to properly size our new equipment for the harmonic rich distribution. His recommendations also corrected our power factor and eliminated a utility penalty issue!”

“When our customer called with the over current issues in January, we reached out to GTCo. to install your power quality metering to see if we could get some idea of the customers issues. We found the monitoring to be very helpful identifying some possible issues, and save the customer several thousands of dollars, since they wanted to replace their largest feeders, as they felt the 1200 amp fault could only be caused by a larger feeder going to ground.”

“During the process of testing the ungrounded delta system, we could see voltage, and amperage to ground at different intervals, we also discovered their generators were in fact ungrounded Delta, but the utility power is a WYE configuration, with the neutral left at the utility source. We also were able to understand the grounding grid for cathode protection, and explain to the customer with the extreme lengths of 100 amp #2 circuits feeding valves in the East Yard this could possibly be the issue, as we could see momentary spikes in the voltage, and amperage to ground. The East yard feeder did in fact have an extremely low megger reading, and was slated to be replaced. We have also replaced a portion of the West yard feeder, which did finally fault to ground and fail.”

“With the understanding you shared about capacitive coupling, and the data collected from your power analyzing, we were able to give the owner some sound advice, and look at the smaller #2 feeder, which were already suspect.”